Pandemic Plates: Nutrition Experts Reveal Top Consumer Diet Changes Due to COVID-19

January 13, 2021


During the pandemic, RDN’s (Registered dietitian nutritionists) saw a trend in consumer diet changes. They’re shifting away from 3 traditional meals a day and snacking more frequently. When it comes to food choices, health and wellness are the top consideration on consumer minds, and nutrition experts predict consumers will be looking for products that:

  • • Support immunity
    • Are affordable
    • Promote comfort and emotional well-being


Among the top 10 “superfoods” that RDN’s predict consumers will want more of is nuts!  Nuts are high in fiber and trace minerals, can be minimally processed, and nuts are a clean snack that’s easy to grab and go when time is limited.


Flagstone Foods has a full line of grab-and-go snack nuts and dried fruit. We can even create a line of nuts, especially for you with our customized product and packaging solutions.

➤ Our packaging is recyclable and created with easy use for the consumer in mind.

➤ We deal directly with growers and suppliers to guarantee we only use the best quality, natural ingredients. Better ingredients make better tasting food.

➤ All supplies have a GFSI audited food safety program in place. This ensures your food is always safe, healthy, and disease-free.

➤ We check our nuts for color, taste, freshness, texture, and size. Every nut must pass our stringent quality inspections and testing protocols before being an ingredient in our products.

➤ We roast the nuts in our facility, keeping control of the roasting process in our expert roaster’s hands. Our roasters have over 90 years of combined roasting experience. And we’re always looking to improve and innovate our roasting process. Our roasters know how to squeeze every bit of delicious goodness out of every nut.

All of our years of experience purchasing, handling, manufacturing, and packaging delicious snacks have made us one of the most successful healthy nut and dried fruit contract manufacture and packagers in the United States.


Click HERE to read the full report from Pollock Communications; Today’s Dietitian.


Source: Deecken, Christina. 2021. Pandemic Plates: Nutrition Experts Reveal Top Consumer Diet Changes Due to COVID-19. Cision PR Newswire.