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It’s a choice to be grateful.

It’s the ability to see inherent worth.

It’s an increase in value over time.

It’s our main ingredient.

Sustainable Sourcing
Employee from Flagstone El Paso plant smiling for camera

Our Beliefs

At Flagstone Foods, we believe that goodness grows out of appreciation. That having knowledge and a deep understanding of something is the only way to fully appreciate it. And that recognizing, respecting and appreciating the people around you creates a cycle of positive energy that fuels goodness and greatness.

We believe in equity. We make delicious, nutritious and affordable snacks accessible to all. We believe everyone in the supply chain should be honored and fairly compensated for their contributions.

And we are committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing practices that protect the environment and lift up farmers and farming communities around the world.


I’m most grateful to Flagstone Foods. They gave me the chance to be part of this company and to provide quality product to our customers. But most of all, they care for their employees like family. We are Flagstone Foods. We are family, providing for others’ families.”

El Paso, Texas Employee


Employee from Flagstone El Paso plant smiling for camera
Two employees from Flagstone El Paso reviewing paperwork

Our Way

At Flagstone Foods, we ground our work in insightful research, thoughtful sourcing strategies and imaginative thinking. We pay close attention to macro trends, advances in food and culinary science, evolving consumer preferences, and category and commodity dynamics. We dig deeper to uncover opportunities and share our knowledge to the benefit of our customers.

By connecting directly to the source and establishing deep relationships throughout our global supply chain, we strive to create the most transparent and sustainable sourcing model in our industry.

We promote creativity in all that we do. It fuels our innovation pipeline, allows us to imagine new, more efficient ways of working and to bring win-win solutions to our customers.

Passionately Creative

I appreciate that I am given the chance to innovate and develop some amazing products. Each project comes with new and exciting challenges. I also love that I get to work with such amazing people to help provide customers with the best products possible.”

R&D Employee

Our Roots

We have a rich 100+ year history in better-for-you snacking. It all began in 1913 when Dutch immigrant A.C. “Hoody” Hoodenpyle started selling peanuts from a cart on the streets of Oregon. Over the years, we have acquired several successful businesses in the snack nut, trail mix and dried fruit space, including Flavor House, Nutcracker Brands, Amport Foods and Ann’s House of Nuts.

At the heart of each of these companies was a commitment to food safety and quality, operational excellence, innovation, continuous improvement and superior customer service. And these remain the hallmarks of our business today.

My co-workers are like my second family.  We share a bond.  We help one another.  We motivate one another as a team.

Robersonville, NC Employee

The Flagstone Way