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Kettle Glazed Nuts

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Produce Snack Solutions

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Mix and match to create your own masterpieces.

We have curated a pantry of hundreds of carefully sourced ingredients. We also offer all consumer-preferred packaging formats. Together, that makes Flagstone Foods your one-stop-shop for customized product and packaging solutions.


We can formulate products to include the following benefits and certifications:

Non GMO Project Verified


Certified Organic

Kosher Certified

Keto Certified

Rainforest Alliance Logo

Rainforest Alliance Certified*

Feel Good Qualities


Heart Healthy

SImple Ingredients

No Sugar Added

Plant Based

Low Sodium

No Artificial Ingredients

Sulfite Free

Made with Organic

Fair Trade

Industry Leading Packaging Solutions


We proudly offer a full suite of consumer-preferred packaging options in a multitude of configurations to fit your unique requirements: Stand-Up Resealable Pouches, Pillow Bags, Single-Serve Tubes, Multi-Packs (Bag in Bag, Cartons, Club Packs), Plastic Jars, Plastic Resealable Tubs, Canisters, and Display Vehicles.

We also offer bulk cases and supersacks for Food Service and bulk Ingredient sales.

Our skilled Packaging Engineers work collaboratively with Product Development, Operations, Supply Chain, Procurement and our customers to design cost-effective, functional and sustainable packaging solutions that preserve product quality and freshness over its shelf life.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Packaging

Recyclable Film

Today’s consumers are searching for sustainable packaging more than ever before, however most flexible packaging still can’t be recycled. That’s why we are excited to be one of the first private label snack manufacturers to introduce a recyclable flexible packaging option. Our new film structure offers the same barrier properties as non-recyclable film, can be recycled through the store drop-off stream and allows you to communicate your commitment to sustainability by displaying the How2Recycle® label on your packaging.


Flagstone Foods is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and the How2Recycle® program. How2Recycle began as a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and is a standardized labeling system created to provide consistent and transparent on-package recycling information to consumers.

Variation in recycling programs, unclear labeling, and inaccurate recyclability claims make proper recycling a challenge. How2Recycle helps forward-thinking brands empower consumers to make responsible choices through easy-to-understand recycling instructions.

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What consumers are saying about How2Recycle:

“These companies want you to recycle. This shows that they care.”

New & Improved

Clear tub packaging has traditionally been used for healthy snacks merchandised in the Produce department to convey freshness and to differentiate them from snacks merchandised in the center of store.

Our new “2-piece tub” offers many advantages over the traditional “clam shell” tub. Consisting of a base, lid, and sealed membrane, this new tub provides an air-tight seal and allows for nitrogen flushing which results in superior product quality and freshness over an extended shelf life.

The seal also adds a food safety feature as the package is tamper resistant. Additionally, the lid is designed so the product can nest or stack, making it easy and efficient to merchandise on end caps or dedicated racks.

In addition to these functional benefits, our new tub is also a more sustainable packaging solution as it’s made from 25% post-consumer recycled materials.

Our Brands

A Tradition of Excellence

Over a century ago, Dutch immigrant A.C. Hoodenpyle started selling freshly roasted peanuts to customers on street corners in Oregon. We remain committed to Hoody’s® business principles: Highest Quality, Considerate Service, Fair Value.

Our Hoody’s product line includes a wide assortment of premium snack nuts, kettle-glazed nuts, trail mixes and snack mixes in a variety of consumer-preferred packaging formats.

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Better-for-You Snack Solutions

Our Goodfields® line is designed with produce shoppers in mind. We offer a comprehensive assortment of high quality better-for-you snack nuts, trail mixes, dried fruits, seeds & salad toppers and other wholesome snacks tailored to the needs and preferences of today’s health and environmentally conscious shoppers.

Our assortment includes a wide array of organic, non-GMO and clean label options. All products are available in our new recyclable stand-up resealable pouches or our new 2-piece tub made with post-consumer recycled plastic.

Please contact us to learn more.

Seasonal Favorites

Our Nutcracker® line is perfect for holiday gatherings with family and friends. Kettle roasted in small batches, our hand-crafted seasonal recipes ensure that each and every nut meets our high standards for flavor and quality. Made with honestly delicious ingredients like premium nuts and flavorful spices, roasted to perfection, every handful will delight the senses.


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Product Quality Standards


Our premium products begin with an exacting supplier qualification process that sets us apart from our competition. Unlike many of our competitors that rely on brokers and importers, we directly control the selection process for every supplier we do business with. The discerning group of suppliers we partner with go above and beyond regulatory requirements to meet the high expectations we set for food safety and quality.

After all, we are the trusted stewards of our customers’ brands. Quality missteps can instantly deteriorate consumer trust and years of equity building, resulting in loss of sales, market share and brand affinity.

All Flagstone Foods suppliers must have a GFSI audited food safety program in place and maintain a commitment to quality, continuous improvement, social responsibility, and sustainability.

Supplier Selection

Our process begins with a risk assessment and a review of a supplier’s critical control point programs (CCP), allergen controls, food safety standards and practices, and traceability programs. Additionally, we invest in “boots on the ground” auditing resources and require an in-person facility audit before a supplier can be qualified. This “boots on the ground” support is provided for domestic as well as our international suppliers.

For larger, multi-site vendors, additional resources are utilized to ensure all required check points are validated. We believe this is a meaningful difference in delivering on our customers’ quality expectations versus many of our competitors who rely on an arms-length document review process.

Additionally, our process doesn’t end with qualification. We work with our approved suppliers to continuously monitor and “raise the bar” on quality. We share best practices, knowledge, and requirements with suppliers to improve and strengthen their quality programs. And we routinely conduct supplier visits to audit supplier performance, allowing us to identify any deficiencies, propose improvements and develop process controls to mitigate and control potential risks to our customers and consumers.

The strength of our supply chain, strengthens our food safety and quality core.

Flagstone Foods Quality Auditor

Ingredient Selection

Our high-quality ingredients are sourced exclusively from our approved suppliers, without exception. Once our Product Development team identifies the need for a new ingredient, it is then vetted through our exhaustive ingredient approval process. Our Product Development, Quality Assurance, Labeling and Regulatory teams conduct a full review of the ingredient specification, ingredient declaration, nutritional profile, facility HACCP program, allergen control programs, certifications and more.
We also conduct an in-depth risk assessment of the ingredient’s known biological, chemical, physical and economically motivated risks. High-risk ingredients require a validated biological kill-step. Documentation is routinely reviewed and updated based on new federal or local regulations, supplier ingredient updates or changes to our procedures or requirements.

It’s a pleasure to work with a company who shares the same high standards for quality ingredients and food safety.

Long-standing Pecan Supplier


Before any ingredient enters our facility, it is thoroughly inspected for conformance to our detailed specifications. All incoming ingredients and packaging materials must comply with applicable regulations as well as our detailed specifications, including microbiological, physical and chemical criteria. Testing protocols, parameters and specified limits are established for each ingredient and packaging material to ensure food safety and quality.

We train our Quality team to look for the small, yet important details including color, taste, freshness, texture, size and more. No material can be used in manufacturing until it passes quality inspections and testing protocols.

Where pathogen testing is conducted, a hold-and-release procedure is applied until testing is complete. Any non-conforming ingredient or packaging material will be rejected, and the supplier will be required to complete our Defective Material Report (DMR) outlining corrective and preventative actions.

We treat our incoming food inspections as if we are feeding it directly to our own families.

Flagstone Foods Quality Supervisor


Roasting nuts, legumes and seeds is both an art and a science. Skillful execution of the roasting process is essential because it transforms the raw material into a safe-to-consume, delicious, flavorful toasted product. Our roasting processes are validated on regular basis by an external Process Authority to ensure each of our processing systems meet and exceed the minimum CCP lethality requirements for biological food safety protection.

Flagstone Foods’ recipe for roasting is simple: we choose the highest quality snack nuts, legumes and seeds and match them with our expert roaster operators who perfectly roast them to exceed our customers’ food safety and sensory expectations. We take pride in saying our roaster operators have 90+ combined years of roasting experience. They know how to balance temperature, duration and moisture content to produce the highest quality roasted products. Nothing but the best roasting conditions will reveal the intrinsic potential of the raw nut, legume or seed which results in the perfected flavors our customers trust us to deliver day in, day out.

Our roasting team is dedicated to continuously improve and innovate our roasting process through new technology, training and cross-functional collaboration with our Procurement, Research and Development, Process Engineering and Quality Assurance teams.

It is a great source of pride to see our high-quality products on the shelves of the nation’s largest, premier retailers.

Flagstone Foods employee


Our quality assurance workstream extends through every step of production, starting with proper set-up and cleaning verifications on our processing equipment. We confirm cleaning procedures, conduct allergen testing and micro indicator testing and verify there is no biological residue on the equipment prior to each production and packaging run.
Next, our trained and experienced operators complete a detailed checklist to verify the line is properly set up to run. This includes reviewing the process order, scanning materials to the line, testing the metal detector, x-ray, checkweigher, unit and case code dating equipment. Ingredients are inspected again to confirm conformance to specification.
Throughout the production run, our production and quality teams regularly perform line checks and product conformance tests. We use state-of-the art equipment to maintain tight component ratios on mixed nut and trail mix formulas and to reduce handling and drop-points that minimize breakage.
Finished products are evaluated using a variety of tests including moisture, weight, salt, breakage, residual oxygen, packaging integrity, code date legibility and more. We also conduct frequent sensory checks at set intervals throughout the production run.
Lastly, our management teams review each production run to ensure records are complete and accurate, checks and testing procedures were followed, and any potential problems were escalated and resolved.

Exceeding our customers’ expectations and holding their trust, and the trust of their consumers to the highest level is our #1 obligation in meeting our Food Safety and Quality Goals

Flagstone Foods employee

*Sustainability is important to Flagstone Foods. That is why we work with the Rainforest Alliance.