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At Flagstone Foods, we have developed and fine-tuned our commercialization process over many years to deliver reliability, quality and speed-to-market. We are thorough, yet nimble. We have also built a team of industry experts that support our customers through the entire product lifecycle. These resources include—but are not limited to—classically trained Marketers, Food Scientists, Culinary and Nutrition experts, Packaging Engineers, Labeling and Regulatory experts, Graphic Production Designers, Logistics experts, Engineers, Quality & Food Safety experts and Customer Service professionals. Additionally, we have a dedicated team of Project Managers whose sole responsibility is to understand and respond to your needs and to ensure each project runs smoothly for you.

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Value-Added Services

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Our cross-functional team participates in the product development process from the very beginning, offering insights and unique perspectives to maximize the idea and the opportunity and to mitigate any potential downstream risks. We invest in research and third-party data to identify trends and opportunities that will grow our customers’ brands. We aim to be the thought-leader and collaborative business partner you can’t do without. Lean on us to facilitate strategic pipeline development discussions and/or to participate in your internal idea generation process.

food scientist and employee collaborating in a conference room on new products and ingredients
Food scientists smiling and collaborating at a conference table


We thoroughly evaluate every idea to make sure we understand the feasibility, potential pitfalls, cost and timing implications.  We will be upfront about what we can and cannot do, will highlight any potential downstream risks and our plans to mitigate them, and outline the pros and cons to alternative approaches.  Additionally, we will make investments in new capabilities and technologies to support our long-term strategic partners.

food scientists in test kitchen evaluating product quality

Product Development

Our Marketing and Research & Development teams partner to bring a steady stream of differentiated product and sustainable packaging solutions to our customers. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and thoughtfully tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs and requirements of each customer. Think of us as your extended team. If you have an idea for a custom formula or package configuration, we can team up to bring it to life.


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Label Development

When you partner with Flagstone Foods, you will benefit from our extensive labeling, nutrition and regulatory expertise. Our Labeling Compliance team is a trusted partner to our customers, providing food and nutrition labeling guidance on proper application of the law and compliance with FDA and USDA regulations. Our value-added services include

  • Label Development: We generate and format all required label content including the nutrition facts panel, a consumer-friendly and compliant ingredient listing and allergen statement, country of origin, distributor statement and any applicable label warnings.
  • Claims: We ensure any nutrient claim, health claim or label claim is truthful and not misleading and can be supported by the ingredient list and nutrition facts label. We can also advise on product names for private label snacks.
  • Label Review: We are a critical part of the artwork review process, ensuring accuracy and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

Graphics Development

Our Graphics team acts as an extension of our customers’ teams, serving as the liaison between design agencies, internal Flagstone Foods departments and printers. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience and extensive knowledge of both the creative and technical aspects of creating press-ready artwork. We take pride in our attention to detail and responsiveness. Our job is to take the stress out of yours. We ensure your graphics are produced accurately and with uniform color, using different package printing processes and substrates, in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Employee from Flagstone El Paso plant smiling for camera
Close up of fresh roasted peanut packing and shipping boxes in the El Paso plant warehouse
Forklift and forklift driver in plant warehouse


Our Project Management, Research & Development, Quality, Engineering and Operations teams work closely in all stages of the product and packaging development process to ensure seamless scale-up in the manufacturing environment.  Plant trials are conducted to dial-in formulas and processes prior to first production.  Detailed product and packaging specifications are created outlining all microbiological, physical and chemical criteria.  Testing protocols, parameters and limits are established to ensure food safety and consistent quality with every production run.


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Forklift and forklift driver in plant warehouse


Our three plants are strategically located to offer logistical advantages to our customers. Our Supply Chain team works closely with Procurement and Sales to provide cost-effective solutions for both inbound raw materials and outbound deliveries to customers. Our Demand Planners, Material Planners and Schedulers ensure the right materials are in the right place at the right time. Together, we ensure our customers get what they are expecting. We are proud of our track record of consistently meeting or exceeding 97% service, even in the throes of a global pandemic


Customer Service

Our experienced customer service team is aligned by customer so we become intimately familiar with the order patterns and nuances of each account.  We coordinate closely with our Operations and Supply Chain partners to manage order acceptance and fulfillment to meet must arrive by dates, to proactively solve or communicate any potential issues and to provide an exceptional level of service to our customers.  Our Customer Service team works to be a valued partner on both sides of the desk by becoming well-versed in our internal operations as well as the customer’s supply chain.

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